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    Founded in 2008, Chinafil is an innovator and communicator of air cleaning technology, dedicated to providing reliable, compact, energy efficient, environmentally friendly air filtration solutions. It has 10,000-class clean workshop and 1000-level clean area, and has passed BSI-ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, and has the right to operate import and export independently.

    For the 11th consecutive year, Chinafil has provided a wide range of high performance air filtration products to many Global top 500 companies, including reliable clean air solutions for marine industries such as ocean transportation and drilling platforms, such as heavy duty diesel generator air filters and heavy duty. Diesel turbocharger air filter, offshore oil platform personnel room& equipment room air filtration system.

    Chinafil also provides customized products. Whether you are relying on port replenishment, dock repair, sea anchorage replenishment or maritime navigation replenishment, in China, you can contact us to get the air filter products and service more faster, convenient,considerate and reliable.